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Algorithm Animation Essay

Algorithm Animation Essay

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Algorithm Animation Essay

The introduction of the report will talk about the project goals and aims. In the background part of the report, it will mostly talk about how visual aids tool help students and learner to help them to learn better. It also talk about what aspect of the algorithm is needed to be shown in the animation. After that will be design and implementation, mainly focus on the objectives and the problem that raised and solved or avoided during the design and implement stage. The testing will contain the detail of testing for the project. And the evaluation will point out what can be improved and what is wrong or not complete on the final version

The aim of the project is to create an animation system for algorithms which the animation core system and the algorithm are separated. Hence, the animation system should literally execute any algorithm with the right algorithm instruction. This is to create an online teaching aid tools to help students to understand better about the algorithm in second year by using visual means. As shown by research and survey, different people learn best by using different method. It can be categorised as visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

A visual aid tool can help a visual learner to understand a concept or topic easier than to just explaining to him via verbal mean or written text. For a better understanding, an interactive visual tool would help a visual and kinaesthetic learner better, since you are not only animating, you are also interacting with the tools so you can think and guess the outcome.

An interactive visual aid tool is not new to the world and has been done by many universities as projects or tools or by companies that create such tool for profit. In order to create such tool, we decide to create an animation system.

Thus, the main objectives for the project are to decide on which programming language to use, create an animating system and an algorithm that can communicate by either one way communication or two way communication. The algorithm would request the animator to animate an animation and the animator would execute the command.

Background and literature survey

The visual teaching aid tool is a e-learning tool, electronic learning. It generally means learning via electronic means. In early ages, people have been using electronic devise to help learning in general. Tool such as audio player will playback a recorded audio so you can learn at your own pace and everywhere, including on public transport. The common medium is CD-ROM. But as MP3 player are getting more common, we might see people will distribute the recorded audio in MP3 format so that people can listen to it using a MP3 player.

My project will be focusing on the animation aspect of the e-learning tool. It is very common to find various learning sites with animation demonstrating a concept or topics of interest. It is said that a picture is better than a thousands words. What if it is a multiple connected picture as we call them animation? According to research, the results varied from one to another. For some research, the efficiency of such tool is not good. Some of them even have negative impact. But some researches showed that the efficiency of the animation is high for educational use.

Why is it that some of the animation is not efficient but some of them are efficient? In my opinion, it is due to the design of the animation. Its like a TV advertisement, some of the advertisement can get into your heart and you would remember it from time to time, but you would forget most of them. Designing an algorithm is like designing a commercial advertisement on TV, you want to presents the important points of the concept without overloading the information. You have to decide what can be simplified and what have to shown.

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